Tips for How to Overcome Nervousness

selfconfidence creator - click here! Situations may arise in your personal or working life that may cause you to be particularly anxious, but at that point you mightn't necessarily know how to overcome nervousness. Funnily enough some people thrive off nerves as a way to up their performance, but the trick is finding a way to deal with the nerves and even use them to your advantage.

The difficulty for some is that their nerves really get the better of them so that they cannot fulfil their potential. Classic examples occur in public performances when you see people watching you and as a result you may freeze. This might be on the sports field, acting in a play or when delivering a public speech.

Some of the cleverest students have flunked their exams because they couldn’t deal with their nerves. Slight stress at exam time can help make you more alert and able to concentrate. Unfortunately if you experience excessive exam nerves the stress will negatively affect your performance. However, there are ways of dealing with nerves, which isn’t easy but can be done with practice.

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As we look at how to overcome nervousness a good place to start is your diet and drinking habits. For example too much alcohol or caffeine is a big contributor to nervousness. Too much alcohol and coffee may make you more alert but they also weaken the immune system, which in turn affects the nerves.

So cutting back on your intake of alcohol and coffee will definitely help reduce nerves. You must also take a look at what you are eating, for a healthy diet will also alleviate stress and nervousness. Quite simply healthy eating means you will have a healthier stronger body able to cope with stressful situations.

If you take a look at times when you feel unwell or tired, you may realize that you feel more vulnerable. A weakened immune system will make you more susceptible to nerves and so through having a bad diet, your body will feel weaker and prone to illness, tiredness and anxiety.

A healthy diet is a good start but not the only solution. Hand in hand with this should be exercise to keep the body and mind healthy. These are two very important ways of how to overcome nervousness as well as maintaining your health.

Let’s also take a look at an exercise that will get you in the right mental frame of mind. Nervousness occurs through a lack of self confidence as well. The fear of making mistakes or making a fool of yourself in front of other people can really restrict our ability to perform at your best.

You can work on this and build up your confidence by talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Ok you might think that that is a sign of madness, but in fact it is a very effective way to deal with nerves. Practice this each day starting with just a few minutes at a time before extending the sessions for longer periods.

This will help your confidence in talking to people, especially people you don’t know. Public speaking is a different ball game of course. Drinking water before you address an audience will help relax you. Anything that helps you to relax is worth trying such as chewing gum or candy.

Knowing how to overcome nervousness is never an easy thing, but your diet and exercise are vitally important. Without a healthy body and mind you will always struggle. Find methods that help you relax but above all be brave. Believe me the more you face your fears and deal with them, the more confident you will become.

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