Benadryl to Treat Panic Attacks

the linden method - click here There is no doubt that when you endure panic attacks your quality of life is so affected that you feel as though any cure should be attempted if it offers even a temporary solution.

There are medications that are designed specifically to deal with the situation but, a common home treatment for sinuses and cold has been seen to give relief.

The use of Benadryl to treat panic attacks will certainly work in some situations. It has a mild sedative effect and for this will help with promoting sleep. In addition as it is designed
to clear sinuses there will be a perceived better breathing that can help slow the rapid intake that can accompany a panic attack.

The problems with using Benadryl to treat panic attacks are that it was never designed for this purpose. In fact the opposite effects may occur to those sought as it can work as a stimulant.

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The benefits, if there are any, are also likely to last for only a short period of time after using it, and there will be a desire for you to take larger doses and those more frequently. Larger doses may create problems of their own with several side effects that make using Benadryl to treat panic attacks not such a wise choice.

Firstly as a choice of medication it offers no long term solution and, why would it, as it is designed for another purpose entirely.

Resistance is quite easily built up and the possibility exists of allergic reactions if you continually use it that may cause swelling in the face and airways. Its use for children should be limited anyway as it promotes excitability which could make an attack much worse.

If you should decide to use Benadryl to treat panic attacks you will risk side effects that include dizziness, indigestion and coordination. Since these can be symptoms associated with panic attacks in the first place, it seems unwise to exacerbate them with medication.

The alternative treatments for panic attacks seek to relax, promote good diet and, exercise all of which may be compromised if you have the above symptoms.

Certainly to use Benadryl to treat panic attacks when pregnant is not advisable as even for the purpose it is intended for caution in use is warned.

When using other forms of treatment for any anxieties and stresses you should always get advice of a medical professional, and even more importantly when it relates to panic attacks.

A holistic approach that combines appropriate medications, exercise and a regular sleep pattern will give you the chance of long term relief.

The use of Benadryl to treat panic attacks for males should go with an additional note of caution. There is a recognized side effect which restricts urination and research is underway on the possibility of an increased chance of enlarged prostate in men.

Like many medications it seems the best course is to use them for the intended purpose and never to overuse. For you to use Benadryl to stop panic attacks, means there is one less remedy available to you when you need it to give you relief from that nasty cough or sinus problem.

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