How To Cure Panic Attacks

panic away - click here! Panic attacks seem to come from out of nowhere, turning you into a shaky, uncontrollable mess. However, there are simple things that you can do yourself to cure panic attacks. You don't need any prescribed medications; simply changing your habits of thinking and reducing stress can cure panic attacks naturally.

Short Term Cure - Realize It's Only An Attack

When the attack first sets in, realize it for what it is. When it first hits, many sufferers feel like they're "going crazy" or losing control of themselves. If instead, you can recognize the symptoms, you can take control of the situation and tell yourself it's just an attack, and it will pass.

Most people understand the symptoms: a surge of adrenalin, unreasonable fear, chest pain, a feeling of losing control. When faced with these symptoms and the rising feeling of terror that accompanies them, tell yourself that it's only a passing thing and talk yourself down. This unreasonable fear is a habit that your body has developed when faced with difficulties; telling yourself everything will be alright is a new habit that you can make.

Long Term Cure - Go After The Sources Of Your Stress

A good technique to cure panic attacks long term is to look for reasons. Contrary to how you feel, there is always a reason for your attacks. Something is there to trigger it. Understanding what these triggers are, and developing strategies for avoiding them, is essential for dealing with the problem long-term.

Most often, stress is the culprit. We get stress from work, money problems, family troubles and lots of tiny things that irk us in everyday life. Stress can trigger negative thinking, and when it gets really out of control, you get panic attacks. Some of the most stressed-out people around will tell you, "Nah, I don't have a lot of stress." If you're suffering from anxiety attacks, you've definitely got a major stressor somewhere, and there are healthier ways of dealing with it.

Another cause of stress is diet. Think about what you ate today. Many of us don't even notice that we skip meals, either because we're too busy or our schedules are not arranged well. Your brain needs the sugars and proteins from the food you eat, so not eating properly makes you especially vulnerable to stress. Lack of sleep can also make you an emotional mess, unable to deal with life's little road bumps.

First, locate your sources of stress. Then, look for healthy ways to cope. Make sure you're eating and sleeping right, and not overindulging in alcohol or caffeine.

Talk To Your Doctor

If you continue to have trouble, talk to your doctor. They can prescribe medications, but pills will only tackle the problem in the very short-term. Your doctor can teach you ways to handle stress well, turn negative thinking positive and get you on a healthy diet and exercise routine. They can turn you on to stress reduction techniques like yoga or meditation that will help.

The best cure for panic attacks is to develop habits of positive thinking. Positive thinking helps you deal with stress, the source of anxiety, and also help you to talk yourself down when attacks strike. Learning to deal more effectively with stress is the ultimate cure for panic attacks. Fight it at its root, and you can live a happy, anxiety-free life.

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